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Группа компаний "Русагро" информирует о рекомендациях Совета Директоров по выплате дивидендов в размере 30% от чистой прибыли за 2015 год


Board of Directors on May, 16, 2016 unanimously approves the adjusted distribution figures and recommends that to pay dividends 30% of net income for the 2015, with a total pay-out 7,137,716,821.37 Roubles. Given the Company has already paid interim dividends for the first half of 2015, with a total pay-out 1 800 958 835.73 Roubles, the distributed amount is 5,336,757,985.64 Roubles or 77,983,329.86 USD. Given that the Company owns 2 212 648 of its own GDRs (5 GDRs represent 1 share), which will be excluded from dividend distribution, the dividend will be 198,45 Rubles or 2,90 USD (gross) per ordinary share or 39,69 Rubles or 0,58 USD (gross) per GDR. The payment of the dividends will be made in US dollars, based on the official foreign exchange rate established by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on March 28, 2016, which is 68.4346.