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Annual Report 2022

ROS AGRО PLC (LSE: AGRO) announces its first shipment of soybeans to China


In July 2019, Rusagro Group shipped its first bulk vessel (4.4 thousand tonnes) of soybeans from Vladivostok to the Port of Nantong, China for COFCO Trading Ltd. Cooperation will continue in accordance with current contract.

During 2018/2019 marketing season, Rusagro exported 118 thousand tonnes of corn and 9 thousand tonnes of soybeans to East Asian markets.

Today China is one of the largest importers of grains and oilseeds. In 2017-2018 it imported 23 million tonnes of grains and 94 million tonnes of soybeans, including 0.3 million tonnes from Russia, mostly corn. Considering changing of traditional trade flows, China may become an important export destination for Russian agricultural products.

Rusagro intends to further develop trade relationships with China and increase export of its agricultural products.