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Annual Report 2019

Meat Business

Rusagro Group’s Meat Business Division is one of the fastest growing in the Group, and is the third biggest pork producer in Russia with a market share of 5.4 %. It is represented in the Russian market by Tambov Bacon LLC, boasting manufacturing facilities in Tambov and Belgorod regions, as well as Rusagro-Primorye LLC in Primorsky Krai.

The Company’s pig farms operate in compliance with world standards and use advanced pig production and feeding technologies. The production facilities of the Meat Business Division represent modern and ecologically safe commercial farms with a high level of automation. All the division’s activities are carried out in compliance with the principles of environmental protection.

Meat Business Division strategy is aimed at systematic development of commercial and breeding lines with prospects for further capacities increase in the Tambov region by constructing commercial farms for 28,000 sows and 3,200 purebred sows.

2015 saw the founding of Tambov Bacon, the largest meat processing plant in Russia with a capacity of 1.9 million pigs per year. The volume of investments amounted to 5 billion rubles. In the beginning of 2016, Tambov Bacon introduced its own brand of case ready products Slovo Myasnika (the Butcher’s Word). In 2017, Slovo Myasnika was ranked the first among the Russian brands according to Forbes magazine.

Regarding personnel policy, the division aims at involving young specialists, graduates from universities and technical colleges, with possibilities of further training and career opportunities up to the level of Divisional Heads. A project of internal labor pool creativity, aimed at employee training and career progress, is being implemented within the Meat Business Division. High-quality products, the best customer service, responsiveness, reliability and skillful management – all these features characterise the division in the Russian and international markets.

Contact details:

ООО Tambov Bason LLC

Legal address: 28a, Zavodskaya St., Zherdevka, Tambov region, 393670

Actual address: 104, Bazarnaya St., Tambov, 392036

Tel./fax: +7 4752 55 00 55

e-mail: info@MBNrs.ru


Belgorod Branch of Tambov Bacon LLC

Legal address: 28, Slavy prospekt, Belgorod, 308000

Tel./fax: +7 4722 73 33 33

e-mail: info@MBNrs.ru


Acting General Director:

Evgeniy Sluchevskiy

Tel.: +7 4752 55 00 55

e-mail: info@MBNrs.ru


Meat Processing Department Director:

Andrey Krasnov

Tel.: +7 4752 55 00 55

e-mail: KrasnovAV@MBNrs.ru


Sales Director:

Oleg Il'in

Tel.: +7 495 363 1661

e-mail: IlyinOV@MBNrs.ru


HR Director:

Irina Yabreeva

Tel.: +7 4752 55 00 55

e-mail: YabreevaIA@MBNrs.ru


Purchase Department Director:

Alexander Dubinin

Tel.: +7 4752 55 00 55

e-mail: DubininAA@MBNrs.ru