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Annual Report 2019

Rusagro is buying first modern Russian hybrids of sugar beet


27 November 2020 Rusagro and SouzSemSvekla achieved agreement on purchase of 10,000 sugar beet seeds. Several years production trials of sugar beet hybrids developed by SouzSemSvekla showed high results of sugar output per hectare. With successful implementation of Russian sugar beet hybrids their share should start to increase already next year.


Genetic Selection center SouzSemSvekla operates within the programme “Federal scientific-technical programme of agriculture industry development during 2017-2025”, sub-programme “Development of selection and seeds production of sugar beet in Russian Federation” in accordance with developed complex scientific-technical project “Development of highly competitive sugar beet hybrids of Russian selection and organization of seed production system”. In 2019  project of SouzSemSvekla was selected by the Commission of Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and received positive decision to receive grant. Also, according to the sub-programme purchase of Russian sugar beet hybrids are subsidized by 70%, which substantially reduces production costs of sugar beet and increases its competitiveness against other crops. Sugar beet hybrids introduced by SouzSemSvekla were developed from improved Russian selection lines.


Before 2025 SouzSemSvekla is planning to develop fundamentally new highly productive and disease resistant hybrids aligned with key biological and morphological traits and with sugar output of more than 10 tonnes per hectare. Given government support, farmers who tried hybrids developed by SouzSemSvekla believe that this project will contribute to import substitution goals in Russia, where sugar beet seeds of Russian selection account only for less than 5% of market.