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Annual Report 2019

Rusagro Group has announced the start of sows supply to the breeding farm in the Primorye Territory


08 August 2020 Group Rusagro started first supply of sows and boars of Dutch genetics to the first breeding farm built in the Mikhailovsky Area of Priority Socioeconomic Development in the Primorye Territory.

Since 2016 Rusagro Group is implementing its project for the construction of vertically integrated pork production cluster with the capacity of 75 thousand tonnes of pork in live weight in the Russian Far East. Rusagro-Primorye is the operator of the project.

Current project’s configuration includes the following facilities:

         breeding farm for 3,000 purebred sows and semen production facility;

         six pig farms of c.54,000 pigs each;

         grain storage facility with capacity of 320 thousand tonnes;

         compound feed plant with capacity of 240 thousand tonnes per year;

         waste utilization plant;

         slaughterhouse and meat processing plant.

Farms will be constructed using best practices and dividing production processes into reproduction, nursery, fattening cycles, as well as production of replacement gilts for replacement of the main breeding herd. First commercial pork will be produced in autumn of 2021. In 2021 pig cluster will employ around 2 thousand people.

The project is realized under the agreement signed with Far East Development Corporation, according to which as a resident of Advanced Special Economic Zone Mikhailovskiy, Rusagro-Primorye receives infrastructure support and tax benefits.