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Annual Report 2019

Rusagro launched desugarization plant in Belgorod Region


On December 5, 2019 on Chernyansky Sugar Plant in Belgorod Region Rusagro officially opened largest in Russia and in the world desugarization plant with ARI (USA) technology. Chairman of Ros Agro Plc Board of Directors Moshkovich Vadim Nikolaevich and governor of Belgorod Region Savchenko Evgeniy Stepanovich participated in the event.

Construction project of desugarization plant and bulk sugar storage system started in 2018. Plant’s capacity allows processing of 100% of molasses produced on six Rusagro’s sugar plants in Belgorod, Kursk and Orel Regions. Produced extract can contribute to production of extra c. 70 thousand tonnes of sugar per year.

New station makes Rusagro the world leader in production of sugar from extract and betaine (c. 30 thousand tonnes per year). It is the second desugarization plant launched by Rusagro. The first one started its operations in 2017 in Tambov Region on Znamensky Sugar Plant. It process molasses from three sugar plants located in Tambov Region, which allows to produce extra c. 40 thousand tonnes of sugar and c. 10 thousand tonnes of betaine per year.