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Annual Report 2019

ROS AGRО PLC (LSE: AGRO) has announced the end of sugar production season


In season 2018/2019 plants of the Group operated for up to 109 days and produced 753.9 thousand tonnes of sugar. Output has decreased by 11% in comparison to the previous season.

Sugar production season has started on August 25, 2018 and ended on January 5, 2019. During the season Rusagro has processed 5.2 million tonnes of sugar beet with an average sugar content of 18%.

Overall, during August-December of 2018 Russia has processed 37.5 million tonnes of sugar beet and produced 5.7 million tonnes of sugar, 6% lower than in 2017 for the same period. In the first half of 2019 Russia may produce up to 200 thousand tonnes of sugar more. ISCO Krasnodar price on December 31, 2018 reached 33.5 rub/kg excl. VAT, average price for 2018 was 28.7 rub/kg excl. VAT (+2% in comparison to 2017).