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Annual Report 2018

ROS AGRО PLC (LSE: AGRO) announces its first shipment of corn to China


In 2018, Rusagro entered Chinese market with products of its agricultural business division. At the end of the year, the Company shipped its first consignment of 5 thousand tonnes of corn to the Port of Qingdao.

During 2018, Rusagro exported 99 thousand tonnes of corn to East Asia countries, including 94 thousand tonnes to Japan. The Company supplies corn, as well as soybeans to Japan fourth season in a row, increasing volumes year to year.

Today Japan is one of the largest importing country of grains and oil crops (in 2017: 45 million tonnes, including 0.3 million tonnes from Russia, mostly corn). Meanwhile, being the world largest importer of agricultural products China buys almost no corn from Russia (in 2017: 120 million tonnes, including 0.9 million tonnes from Russia, mostly soybeans). Taking into account changing traditional trade flows China may become an important export direction for Russian agricultural products.

Rusagro intends to further develop trade relationships with Japan and China and increase export of its agricultural products from the Russian Far East.