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Annual Report 2018

Rusagro Group announces purchase of rights for controlling interest in Solnechnye Producty


Rusagro Group announces that ROS AGRO PLC has acquired rights to purchase controlling stake in Quartlink Holding Limited, which owns holding company Solnechnye Producty. The holding includes following assets:


• three fats plants (Moscow, Saratov, Novosibirsk) with annual output of 500 ths tonnes of products;

• three oil extraction plants (Atkarsk, Armavir, Balakovo) with total daily capacity of 4 700 tonnes of seeds;

• elevators with total storage capacity of 650 ths tonnes of grains;

• agricultural lands in Saratov region.

In 2019 Rusagro plans to merge acquired assets with its Oil & Fats business.