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Annual Report 2020

Rusagro announces the winning of gold in SAP Value Award


In October 2021 SAP Value Award – annual award of SAP’s Russian and CIS clients implemented projects with recognized and proved value, announced the winners. Rusagro’s project of HR digital transformation won the gold in the nomination “People are the most valuable asset”. The nomination celebrates the most efficient business initiatives in the management of human resources.

The jury chose the winners based on the list of criteria, such as the scale of the effect, influence of the implementation on the company’s operations, influence on company’s strategic development, depth of understanding of value from SAP integration among company’s employees.

It took 1.5 year for Rusagro to integrate SAP Success Factor. Now there are more than 40 HR services available on the same platform for 20 thousand employees. SAP SF allows to generate analytics across all recruitment steps and manage recruitment process in a flexible way, as well as to accelerate adaptation and education of new employees. During the pandemic the system facilitate the transition to working remotely. Employees were able to request HR services via mobile application without the need to attend the office.