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Annual Report 2021


The Rusagro Group of Companies is one of the main players in the sugar segment particularly and the undisputed leader in the B2C segment.

In 2017, the Company became a clear leader in the consumer sugar market, achieving first place in the packaged brown sugar category for the first time.

The Company's product portfolio is represented by four brands in different price categories: "Russian sugar", "Chaikofsky", Mon Cafe and "Brownie".

The Russian Sugar, Chaikofsky, and Brownie brands occupy market-leading positions in their respective segments and are the most popular brands among Russian consumers, both according to the Nielsen retail audit and according to the tracking of consumer preferences conducted by the independent research company IPSOS.

Rusagro brands have the highest indicators of brand knowledge, consumption and customer loyalty to the brand. The Company's long-term development strategy involves further development and promotion of sugar business brands.

Since 2015, Rusagro has been represented on the market of cereals under the brand name "Warm Traditions". High quality standards and an honest price for the consumer are the main advantages of the products and the company's priority.



Chaikofsky is the first branded Russian brand in the Sugar category since 2003. When introducing the product to the market, the emphasis was placed on the name that reflects the main situations of consumption of the product: with tea and coffee.

"Chaikofsky" is a sugar of a high degree of purification, category "Extra". In the production of sugar, it passes a multi-stage purification, which makes the product snow-white. “Chaikofsky” is the number one brand in terms of "Knowledge", "Consumption" and "Loyalty" in the mid-price segment: 70% of consumers in Russia know the Chaikofsky brand; 36% buy products of this brand; 22% choose the brand most often.

Sugar "Chaikofsky" is presented in the following assortment:

  • Lump sugar in cardboard boxes 250g, 500g and 1 kg.
  • Crushed Sugar in Zip-Lock 450g
  • Sugar in a paper bag 900g and in a doy-pack 750g.
  • Sugar in a portion (sticks 5g) Packed in boxes of 300g - white beet, brown cane and assorted (white+cane).

The Chaikofsky brand is the first and only Russian brand in the Sugar category that is advertised on TV.

Mon Cafe

The Mon Cafe brand has been existing since 2008. "Mon Cafe" is an exquisite dessert sugar in the form of sugar figures.

The main competitive advantage of sugar is its curly appearance and high degree of purification. Dessert shaped sugar "Mon Cafe" will allow you to please your family, pleasantly surprise your guests and arrange a small celebration of taste and beauty at home, adding a drop of refined romance to it!

Russkii Sakhar

The trademark "Russian sugar" is the most famous and most favorite brand of sugar in Russia! The level of knowledge is 91%, consumption-66%, loyalty (purchase most often)-59%, and the market share in the segment of "lump sugar" - 30%. Few brands can boast of such indicators! "Russian Sugar" is the winner of all significant awards for FMCG products in Russia: "Product of the Year" - 2011, 2013, 2021.

The Russian Sugar trademark is represented by a wide range:

  • Lump sugar in cardboard boxes, 1kg and 1 kg
  • Granulated sugar in a polypropylene bag, 1 and 5 kg and in a paper bag, 1 kg.


Thanks to the preservation of a large amount of molasses (molasses), brownie sugar has a pronounced caramel aroma and taste, it will give a special refined aroma to tea, enhance the aroma of coffee and will be a great addition to home baking.

Assortment of the brand "Brownie":

  • Lump sugar in cardboard boxes 500g.
  • Sugar in a polypropylene bag 900g.

Warm Traditions

The products of the "Warm Traditions" trademark are pure and selected grains, which are produced at one of the largest grain processing enterprises in Russia, the "Hercules" plant in Bobrov, Voronezh Region. The company's production standards meet the requirements of FSSC 22000. The multi-stage system of cleaning, sorting and calibration guarantees excellent product quality: preservation of useful vitamins and minerals, perfect crumbly texture, taste and aroma of cooked cereals. The choice of the Warm Traditions trademark guarantees the hostess a confident result that will bring the whole family together at the table and give warmth and comfort to every home!

Product range of the brand:

  • Buckwheat groats, non-steamed kernels, 900g
  • Round-grain rice "Kamolino", 800g
  • Long-grain steamed rice, 900g
  • Round-grain ground rice, 900g
  • Long-grain ground rice, 900g