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Annual Report 2018


The Dairy division is represented by two separate brands covering different price ranges: Milye and Koshkinskiy Syrovar.





The Milye brand range includes semi-hardened cheeses in a variety of different packages, as well as butter.

Semi-hardened cheeses are presented in the following formats:

  • Euroblock - 15 kg.
  • Miniblock - 3 kg.
  • Miniblock - 1 kg.
  • Packed cheese: 200 g and 150 g.

There is also an assortment of cheeses, each of which are made using a particular recipes, each developed individually by our researchers. These include: Solaris, Provence, Vintage, Subtle Walnut, Baked Milk, and Fruit flavours.



Butter is the Milye brand’s calling card. The brand’s butter offer delicate creamy flavour and aroma. It is packaged in a convenient cardboard box made to resemble a butter dish, and which also serves as a scale for kitchen measurements. The butter’s fat content is 72.5% and 82.5%. The packaging format weighs in at 180g and 400g.


Koshkinskiy Syrovar

The Koshkinskiy Syrovar brand represents a number of traditional types of cheese. These include Russian, Dutch and Poshekhonsui cheeses in 5 kg formats, with lightweight packaging of between 250 and 300g apiece. It also produces the Dutch flavour and Russian flavour cheese products. The brand also includes a spread, with a fat content of 72.5%, sold in a 180g format.