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Annual Report 2019


The Dairy division is represented by brands covering different price ranges: Milye, Buterbrodnoe utro, and Syrnaya Kultura.



The Milye brand range includes semi-hardened cheeses in a variety of different packages, as well as butter.

Semi-hardened cheeses are presented in the following formats:

  • Euroblock - 15 kg.
  • Miniblock - 3 kg.
  • Packed cheese: 200 g and 125 g.

There is also an assortment of cheeses, each of which are made using a particular recipes, each developed individually by our researchers: Provence, Vintage are having subtle flavoring notes of baked milk and fruits. Milye cheese is absolutly natural, without antibiotics, GMO and vagetable fats.



Butter is the Milye brand’s calling card. It is always made from 100% natural cream.
The butter has a delicate creamy taste and aroma. In addition, it is packaged in a convenient cardboard box in the convinient form with a measuring scale. Fattness of the butter is 72.5% and 82.5%. Packaging format 180 g. And 400 g.


Syrnaya Kultura

Under the Syrnaya Kultura trademark, a cheese product is produced in the format of 5 kg. and small packing of 200-210 g. A semi-solid product made using cheese technology contains only high-quality vegetable fats, matures for at least 21 days, and melts perfectly (suitable for the HoReCa channel). Taste characteristics are similar to "Rossiyskiy", "Gollandskiy", "Tilziter" cheeses and cheese with the taste of baked milk.


Buterbrodnoe utro

Spread Buterbrodnoe utro is available as alternative to butter. Spread fatness contains - 61,5%, 72,5%, 82,5%. Spreads are produced in the format of 180 g and 20 kg. Spreads contain only high quality vegetable oils. Their taste, consistency, flafor and color are close to a real cream butter.