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Annual Report 2019

Milk Products

Rusagro’s milk products division includes three product areas:

  • Semi-hardened rennet-based cheeses, cheese products;
  • Butter and spreads;
  • Dry milk-based mixtures.

Milk processing and production is carried out at Koshkinskiy Creamery production site, in the village of Koshki, in Samara region.

Each day up to 500 tons of milk, for the production of butter and cheese, is delivered to the site from farms in the Ulyanovsk, Samara and Tambov regions, as well as from Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and Mordovia. The total production of cheese and cheese products can be as high as 1000 tons per month, which saw the site, in 2018, become one of Russia’s top ten cheese producers.

Milye branded butter and cheeses are marketed throughout Russia’s Central Federal District, Volga Federal District, in the Urals, and in southern Russia. The range of formats and types of cheese makes for a market-leading product directed to both retail chains and the B2B sector.

The Koshki site’s production capacity is designed to produce 1500 tons of dry milk-based mixtures per month.

Our key manufacturing principles are:

  • A rigorous approach to the selection of raw milk;
  • The constant minimisation of risk;
  • An awareness of consumers’ needs.


General Director:

Roman Danilin

Адрес: 446800 Samara Region, Koshkinskiy District, Koshki, Quarter 4, Building 12, Room 1

Tel.: +7 8422 3040 42