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Annual Report 2023


Slovo Myasnika

In the beginning of 2016, the own brand of case ready products Slovo Myasnika (The Butcher’s Word) was brought into the retail market. The brand's mission is to be the gold standard for quality in the industry. It is easy and quick now for a consumer to make a choice – Slovo Myasnika products are safe and proven. Meat for the production of case ready products is deboned based on animal anatomy, and cut and packaged using European equipment.

According to AC Nielsen's report "Retail Audit, Modern Retail", the share of Slovo Myasnika brand products in the market is 8.1% since the beginning of 2020. Consumer brand awareness has reached 73% in Moscow and 58% in Russia, according to research company Kantar Millward Brown. In 2020, the Company sold more than 20 thousand tons of case ready products. The product range includes 60 items. The main partners are federal and local retail chains such as X5, Thunder, Spar, Billa, Metro and others.

Every year Slovo Myasnika brand products become laureates of prestigious awards: Product of the Year, One Hundred Best Products of Russia, Quality Assurance.

Rusagro Meat Business is constantly expanding its assortment and launching new products. In 2020, this was the grill lineup with shashlik (kebabs), sausages, ribs and marinated steaks. By the end of the year, sales of New Year's marinades for baking started, as well as sales of products of the economy segment under the new Myasnaya Liga (Meat League) brand.

Details: www.slovo-myasnika.ru