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Annual Report 2019


Slovo Myasnika

In the beginning of 2016, Tambov Bacon introduced its own brand of case ready products – “Slovo Myasnika” (“the Butcher’s Word”). The brand image is of a professional butcher who is personally responsible for the quality of the final product. The pigs are bred in Tambov and Belgorod regions.

The meat is professionally deboned based on the animals’ anatomy and cut using the European equipment. “Skin” packing in trays allows keeping the meat fresh within a long period without preservatives.


In 2017, Forbes magazine in Russia recognized “Slovo Myasnika” as the best new consumer brand, having highly appreciated the brand concept and positioning. The Company sold 6 thousand tons of “Slovo Myasnika” branded products in 2017. The access to the retail sales market is an important step in the development of Rusagro’s meat business. High-quality products, the best customer service, responsiveness and reliability all distinguish Rusagroin in the Russian market. Brand exposure in shops tripled over the course of a year, reaching 2 thousand shops in 2017. The products are supplied to the following retail chains: Х5 (Perekrestok, Pyaterochka, Karusel), Tander (Magnit), Spar, Billa and Metro.