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Annual Report 2023

International Trade

Rusagro Group is engaged in exporting products from Russia to foreign markets and is represented by Limeniko Trade and Invest. Limited, and Ros Agro Trading Limited, and also Ros Agro China (Hong Kong).


Limeniko Trade and Invest. Limited (UAE)
Mrs Kseniya Urvankova, Director
e-mail: director@limeniko.com


Ros Agro Trading Limited (Hong Kong)
Mrs Kseniya Urvankova, Director Ros Agro Trading, Branch Director in UAE
e-mail: UAE_director@rosagro-trading.hk
e-mail: director@rosagro-trading.hk


Ros Agro China Limited
Mr Sergei Ivanov, Director
e-mail: SV.Ivanov@rosagrochina.hk