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Annual Report 2023


Rusagro Invest

Rusagro-Invest LLC includes agricultural enterprises from 13 districts of the Belgorod region, with a total area of 255 thousand hectares. Agricultural enterprises are located in the beet-growing zones of sugar factories.

Rusagro-Invest LLC owns the Nezhegolsky elevator, as well as an additional site for the Chaplyzhensky elevator. The total capacity of the elevator and storage facilities of the Nezhegolsky elevator, including the site of the Chaplyzhensky elevator, is 349.5 thousand tons.

The capacity of grain sites is 240 thousand tons.


Agrotechnologies LLC owns land in the 10 districts of Tambov and one district of Voronezh with a total area of 152 thousand hectares. Agrotechnologies LLC stores and process grain at the Zherdevsky and Dmitrovsky elevators after harvesting. The total storage capacity is 65 thousand tons. 80 thousand tons are stored at grain yards.


PrimAgro JSC is located in the Primorsky region with a total tillage area of 79 thousand hectares, land bank is 58 thousand hectares. PrimAgro JSC grows soybeans and corn.


Kshenagro LLC is located in 5 districts of the Kursk region. The land bank is 27,427 hectares. The main crops in the climate of the Central Black Earth Region: cereals, sugar beets, soybeans, sunflowers. Kshenagro LLC stores products at field floors.

Otradaagroinvest Ltd

Otradaagroinvest LLC is located in the five districts of Orel region. The land bank is 42 thousand hectares. It grows sugar beets, cereals, sunflowers, soybeans, rape.