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Annual Report 2020

Oil and Fats Business

Rusagro Oils and Fats Business is one of the leaders on the Russian mayonnaise, oils and fats markets.

Our plants are situated in Samara and Saratov regions, as well as in Ekaterinburg, that ensures positive and sustainable development of the business.

Our key areas of business are procurement and processing of sunflower seeds, production and trading sunflower oil, sunflower meal, specialty fats and margarines, as well as consumer food products.

Our sunflower oil is produced from Russian raw materials only; we use cutting edge technologies at our 3 oil extracting plants – in Bezenchuk, Atkarsk and Balakovo. Our sunflower oil is consumed not only in Russia but abroad. We export to CIS, Middle East and other countries, such as China, Turkey, and UAE. Sunflower meal is sold to Turkey and EU.

Our Oils and Fats division is on the second place in specialty fats and margarines production in Russia. Every 4th cake made in Russia contains our fats or margarines. We produce specialty fats and margarines as per our traditional recipes but we also have innovation products. Following the latest market tendencies, we developed and produce margarine from sunflower oil and Clean Label margarines without E code ingredients to offer them to our customers.

Rusagro Oils and Fats division also produces consumer goods in the following categories: mayonnaise and sauces, mustard, solid fats, vegetable (sunflower) oils and soap. In mayonnaise, we have several brands, such as Ya Lublu gotovit (I love to cook), EZhK (Mayonnaise of Ekaterinburg Fat-processing Plant), Mechta Hosiaiki (Housewife dream), Bouquet, Solnechnaya liniya (Sunny line), Chudesnitsa (Wonder maker) and others. In margarines and spreads our brands are Schedroye leto (Generous summer), Saratovsky, Zhar pechka (Wonder oven), Chudesinitsa (Wonder maker), Maslava and Rossiyanka. In sunflower oil – Schedroye leto (Generous summer), Rossiyanka, Mechta Hosiaiki (Housewife dream), Maslava, Gotovim doma (Cooking at home), Yarko (Colourful), Solnechnaya linia (Sunny line). Rusagro Fats and Oils division is expanding its sales area all the time. We sell our products in most of Russian regions and to more than 20 countries.



Management and contact information:

General Director of Oil and Fats Business:

Vladimir Alexandrov


Financial Director

Uliya Lakhmotkina


Head of cosumer goods division:

Nataliya Koroy


Head of B2B division:

Alexey Kuznetsov


Head of Industrial fats division:

Alexandr Khokhrin


Head of Purchase department:

Alexander Polyakov


HR Director

Irina Yabreeva


Contact details:

Telephone: +7 800 700 7900

E-mail: off@rusagromaslo.com