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Annual Report 2020


Rusagro Invest

Currently the agricultural company Rusagro-Invest includes agricultural enterprises from 13 districts of the Belgorod region, with a total area of 315 thousand hectares of arable land. The company’s available land amounts to 261 thousand hectares. The commercial farms of Rusagro-Invest are located adjacent to sugar-beet plants.

Rusagro-Invest owns the Nezhegolsky grain elevator as well as Chaplyzhinsk elevator supplemental yard. Nezhegolsky elevating complex was the largest in the USSR. It was commissioned in 1980 and was part of the complex of the USSR State reserve strategic enterprises.

The total holding capacity of Nezhegolsky elevating and storage facilities, including Chaplyzhinsk elevator yard, amounts to 349,5 thousand tons.

The holding capacity of the grain yards, where the grain is stored in plastic bags, amounts to 240 thousand tons.


Agrotechnologies LLC owns agricultural enterprises from 10 different districts of the Tambov region and 1 district of the Voronezh region, with a total area of 158 thousand hectares of arable land. The available land of the company amounts to 175 thousand hectares.

Harvested grain is stored and conditioned by Agrotechnologies LLC at Zherdevsky and Dmitrovsky elevators. Their total storage capacity amounts to 65 thousand tons. 80 thousand tons are stored at grain yards.


Primagro JSC operates in the Primorsky Region with a total area of arable land of 79 thousand hectares, the available land amounts to 85 thousand hectares. The company grows two crops: soya and corn.


Kshenagro works in 5 districts of Kursk region.

The total land holding is 27 427 hectares, with 26 890 hectares being arable.

The company’s main crops are grains, sugar beet, soybean and sunflower. Kshenagro stores products at trade points What does ‘trade points’ mean? after harvesting and processing.

Otradaagroinvest Ltd

Otradaargoinvest Ltd works in 4 areas of Orel region. The total land holding is 43685 hectares, 42380 hectares of which are arable.

The company grows sugar beet, grains, sunflower and soy.