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Annual Report 2023

Brands - сonsumer products

The Moskovsky provasal

The MOSKOVSKY PROVANSAL mayonnaise brand is a cornerstone of the I Love Cooking brand. The brand is the flavor standard of a true Provansal mayonnaise. It was launched in production at one of the oldest refineries in Russia established back in 1935.


  • Preservative-free;
  • Natuaral ingredients;
  • Well-thought formula;
  • Balanced taste and texture;
  • Contains pure own-produced oil;
  • Manufactured according to GOST 31761-2012.


  • CLASSIC 67% – the flavor standard of a true Provansal mayonnaise
  • OLIVE 67% – mayonnaise containing Extra Virgin grade olive oil
  • CREAMY 67% - natural cream and low vinegar content
  • QUAIL EGGS 67% – contains healthy quail egg yolks
  • LIGHT 30% – a low-calories option containing twice fewer calories per 100 g than in classic mayonnaise
  • FOR FASTING 55% – mayonnaise approved for fasting. Does not contain animal fats
  • HOME-MADE 55% – balanced modestly priced product

Ya lublu gotovit (I love cooking)



EZHK is a brand with rich history and broad range of mayonnaises, ketchups and mustards are popular by consumers due to infallible high quality and unique taste.

EJK Provansal produced according to a special patented formula ensuring its easily recognizable, rich and savory flavor. EJK grows constantly and offers consumers a wide range of tastes without betraying its unique personality. Use of high quality, modern natural ingredients, such as quail eggs, olive oil, sour cream, dill and spices underpins the variety offered by the EJK brand mayonnaises.


  • Over 50 years on the market. Guaranteed quality
  • GOST-certified, quality ingredients, GMO-free
  • Mayonnaise taste beloved at the Urals
  • Local origin, closeness to the customer
  • Strong emotional links to the Urals
  • Broad range of flavors and packages


  • GOLD

Mechta Khosiaiki

MECHTA KHOZIAYKI: a well-recognized brand with a leading position in a number of CIS countries. Includes mayonnaises, ketchups and mustards.

Mechta Khoziayki mayonnaise with a balanced taste contains 100% natural ingredients: sunflower oil, egg yolks, vinegar, mustard seed oil. Natural origin and quality of ingredients are certified by the Natural Control quality control system.

Mechta Khoziayki products are ideal for modern classics and traditional recipes. The brand upholds family values and home cooking traditions. Its reliable taste and quality make it easier for the cook to create more bright moments when food makes feelings bloom and family members understand and carry for one another.

Mechta Khoziayki — the true taste of home!


  • No artificial colors
  • Only high quality ingredients
  • GMO-free
  • No palm oil
  • No flavor enhancers
  • GOST-certified
  • Affordable price





  • Multipurpose: suitable for melting, baking and sandwiches
  • High fat content
  • GMO-free
  • Cholesterol-free
  • Produced in compliance with GOST


Stolichnaya is a legendary Russian mustard, traditionally fiery and fragrant. The mustard with exceptionally strong taste includes 100% natural ingredients. The flavors include traditional Russian products: crushed horse radish and natural honey.

The mustard is ideal for various meat and fish dishes, can be used for making sauces for modern leaf salads, as a pickler. Great with potatoes (French fries, sweet potatoes, village style fried potatoes). Improves degestion.


  • 100% natural product
  • GMO-free
  • No flavor enhancers
  • No preservative agents or colorants
  • Broad sales coverage

Schedroye leto

The SCHEDROE LETO BRAND occupies leading market positions at the Urals and in CIS countries. The brand offers universal, high-quality products that help a cook ensure guaranteed results and make dishes for every taste.

SCHEDROE LETO VEGETABLE OIL is a sunflower oil rich in nutrients. Its balanced, neutral taste and aroma preserve the natural flavors of your food. The oil is made of sunflower seeds harvested from the fertile lands of the Black Soil Belt, the Volga region and the Russian South.


  • Universal use: good for roasting, braising, baking and dressing
  • Only natural ingredients
  • No GMOs or artificial additives
  • Modern, gentle processing technologies
  • Healthy and beneficial: vitamins A and E strengthen the immune system and prolong youth
  • Broad variety of packages
  • Affordable price
  • GOST-certified

MARGARINES SCHEDROE LETO is a universal cooking solution. It is ideal for any type of baking, entree dressing and spreading. Schedroe Leto will make all your dishes admirable and delicate and add breathtaking flavor of homemade pastries to your confectionary.

SCHEDROE LETO has a unique formula:

  • Due to its soft texture, the product can be used as cream sandwich spread.
  • High fat content (72%) makes it perfect for any type of dough.
  • The unique exclusive flavoring will contribute to a special creamy taste and flavor of the dishes.
  • Due to specially selected natural emulsifiers the dough rises up faster.
  • You get your bakery products toasty, appetizing and nice-looking. It keeps soft, flavored and doesn’t get stale for a longer time.


  • Universal use (spread, bakery, cream, additive to prepared foods) and suitability for daily cooking and any meal (breakfast, dinner, supper, snack)
  • The product high quality
  • Diversity of packaging formats
  • No animal fats
  • Halal certificate

SCHEDROE LETO PRODUCTS WITH NEW FLAVORINGS are unique and unparalleled on the market. They perfectly combine «Schedroe Leto» creamy texture and well-liked ingredients: fruits, cocoa, spices, mushrooms. The product line includes the most popular and favorite flavors. Children will surely love the sweet products with dried-apricot and chocolate-nut flavor. «Schedroe Leto» with a bright taste of mushrooms-in-sour-cream or spiced beef will be a real treat.


  • Universal, popular flavors
  • Soft and tender consistency; even cooled product spreads well
  • A variety of use: for sandwiches, bakery, adding to porridge, side dishes, meat dishes
  • Compliance with GOST
  • No cholesterol





ROSSIYANKA is the first bottled vegetable oil in Russia that conforms to the highest quality standards. For 30 years the Rossiyanka sunflower oil has been a friend of many home makers who used it for home cooking. The Rossiyanka oil contains healthy nutrients and vitamins A, E, and D mandatory for any sunflower oil. It’s great for every dish from thick soups to yummy pastries. Rossiyanka is the best choice if you care for your own health and the health of your family.


  • Made of sunflower seeds harvested from the fertile fields of Tambov and Voronezh regions: their black soils are considered the ideal of land quality
  • The full high tech production cycle from raw seeds to bottled oil
  • Light color
  • Pure product: absolutely free of impurities or phosphorus containing substances
  • Low acidity
  • Contains vitamins A, E, D, healthy macroand microelements
  • Winterized. No wax. Does not become cloudy or produce sediments

ROSSIYANKA SPREAD is universal in use, be it for delicious sandwiches, roasting or as a dough additive. Its soft and pliable texture makes it easy to spread even cold.


  • Rich creamy/chocolate taste
  • No cholesterol
  • Made according to the GOST standard
  • Сontains Pro-vitamin А



BENEFITTO is a premium blended oil from Russia. Combines taste and health benefits of two types of oil: sunflower oil and Extra Virgin olive oil. This ideal duo is naturally rich in vitamins and microelements. Frying in olive oil gives a denser crust, which keeps the oil out of the food. Benefitto will help you cook your favorite dishes and preserve the flavor and structure of the ingredients.


  • Benefit of two oils.
  • Rich in vitamins A, E and Omega 6-9.
  • Sunflower seed oil from fertile Russian fields.
  • Extra-virgin olive oil.



Traditional margarine for home cooking with a fat content of 60%. Produced in compliance with GOST according to the classical recipe exclusively from natural ingredients. The traditional recognizable design of the margarine has been having credibility among consumers for several decades


  • Affordable price
  • Wide range and diverse packaging (butter packages and bars)



  •  Made according to the GOST standard
  • As the name suggests, these products are especially suited for pastry baking
  • Homey and tempting package design emphasizes traditions
  • The packages underline the product advantages: butter content in Zhar-Pechka Creamy and vanilla flavor in Zhar-Pechka for pastries

Brands - dairy products


MILIE cheese is all-natural, without any antibiotics, GMOs or vegetable fats.

The package format is 125, 200, 400 g, 1, 3, 15 kg.

MILIE butter is a signature product of the brand. Always made from 100% natural cream. The butter has a delicate, creamy flavor and aroma. The butter's fat content is 72.5% and 82.5%.

The package format is 180, 400 g.

Syrnaya kultura

THE SYRNAYA KULTURA (Cheese Culture) brand is produced in 3, 5, and 15 kg packages and small packages of 200-210 g.

Semi-hard cheese is produced utilizing the skimmed milk cheese technology. It contains only high-quality vegetable fats, matures for at least 21 days and melts perfectly (suitable for HoReCa).

The taste properties are similar to Russian, Dutch, and Tilsit cheese and cheese with a baked milk taste.

Buterbrodnoe utro

BUTERBRODNOE UTRO (Sandwich Morning) spreads are an affordable alternative to butter.

The spread's fat content is 61.5%, 72.5% and 82.5%.

Our spread is produced in 180 g, 400 g and 20 kg packages.

BUTERBRODNOE UTRO spreads contain high-quality vegetable oils. They also have a delicate creamy taste and aroma.

Brands - Industrial fats


High quality fats and margarines of SolPro trademark for food industry are well-known by the professional communities in Russia and abroad. Our fats fully comply with the standards of the Customs Union and ISO 9001. Our process engineers will always help you to select the products specifically for your business.

We produce:

Fats and margarines for baking and confectionary industry (specialized and multifunctional)


Milk fat replacers for dairy products industry


Vegetable oils and frying blends

Dough mixtures for confectionary industry


New generation of multi-functional vegetable margarine that fully replaces butter in production of baking and confectionary goods. GRANDPRO ensures high quality of finished products, improves efficiency of the production process, helps reduction of the production costs.

GRANDPRO product portfolio includes:

GRANDPRO CAKE – for baking and confectionary product

GRANDPRO CREAM - for cream

GRANDPRO TART - for shortcrust pastry and whipped products

GRANDPRO CROISSANT - for puff pastry products