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Annual Report 2017

ROS AGRO PLC has announced the end of sugar production season


For the first time sugar plants of the Group had a 180 days season and produced 898.9 k t of sugar, incl. 744.8 k t produced from August to December.  

Sugar production season has started on August, 25, 2016 and ended on February, 28, 2017. During the season the Group has processed 6.8 m t of sugar beet, incl. 5.8 m t from August to December.  While in previous season 3.9 m t of sugar beet has been processed and 765.5 k t of sugar has been produced, incl. 582.5 k t of beet sugar. Thus, the Group has increased its beet sugar production by 54.3% in reporting season. In 2017 the Group does not plan to process any cane.

Overall during the reporting season Russia has produced 6.1 m t of sugar – 17.8% higher than in 2015. Sugar beet crop area reached 1108 k ha with a record yield of 467 сwt/ha.

ISCO Krasnodar price on March,1 2017 reached 29 rub/kg excl. VAT, on March 1, 2016 the price was 38 rub/kg excl. VAT.