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Annual Report 2017

Meat Business

Rusagro's meat business is presented in the Russian market by LLC «Tambov bacon», having manufacturing facilities in Shebekinsky and Volokonovsky districs of the Belgorod region and in Zherdevsky, Znamensky and Sampursky Districts of the Tambov region. Moreover, the construction of a new plant is going in the Primorsky Territory.

In the beginning of 2016 “The Butcher’s Word” (the company brand of meat semi-products) was introduced by the LLC “Tambovskiy bekon” for the retail sales. The access to the retail sales’ segment is an important step in the development of meat production business of the RusAGRO Holding. High-quality products, the best servicing to the clients, efficient responsiveness and reliability – these are the qualities promoting the Meat Production Business of the RusAGRO in the Russian market.

As far as the personnel policy is concerned, it is aimed at involving young specialists, graduates from universities and technical colleges, with possibilities of further training, upgradation and career opportunities up to the level of Divisional Heads. The process of forming the internal reserve of staff, aimed at their preparation, training and progress in the career, is at present under realization within the Meat Production Business of the RusAGRO PLC.


General Director:

Anton Ulanov

tel.: +7 4752 55 00 55

e-mail: info@MBNrs.ru


Sales and marketing Director:

Oleg Ilyin

tel.: +7 495 363 1661

e-mail: IlyinOV@MBNrs.ru


HR Director:

Irina Yabreeva

tel.: +7 4752 55 00 55

e-mail: YabreevaIA@MBNrs.ru


Procurement director:

Sergey Lysenko

tel.: +7 4752 55 00 55

e-mail: LysenkoSA@MBNrs.ru