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Annual Report 2016

Sugar Business

The sugar business is one of the main areas of operations of Rusagro Group. According to the ACNielsen, the company is a leader in the segment of sugar cubes (43%) and ranks third in the segment of beet sugar production (14% share of the Russian market).

Earlier the Rusagro sugar production was represented by six sugar plants located in the Tambov and Belgorod Regions. In 2016 the Rusagro Sugar Business increased. As a Razgulyai acquisition 4 companies have joined Rusagro: Kshensky Sugar Refinery, Krivets-sugar in the Kursk region, Sugar Plant Otradinsky in Orel area, as well as Hercules factory in the Voronezh region.

Now the capacity of the sugar processing factories beet is 50.4 thousand tons per day. The capacity of the plant "Hercules" - 45 thousand tonnes of buckwheat, 20 tonnes of oats per year.

During the season from August 2016 to February 2017 the Group’s plants produced nearly 900 thousand tonnes of beet sugar.

The high efficiency of the Rusagro plants is achieved through investments into production modernization aimed at reduction of costs and expansion of facilities for sugar beet processing. And Sugar business will continue to increase efficiency, expand production capacity and improve product quality. In addition to equipment upgrade, in 2014 the sugar business division launched the World Standard Production program, which standardizes and optimizes the operations of units and manufacturing facilities, as well as promotes the manufacturing culture of continuous performance improvement. The program incorporates the best world practices and standards that are adopted by major companies. By the beginning of 2017, all main elements of the program were implemented in the sugar business division.

According to the Group’s general strategy, the sugar business division continues vigorous promotion of its own brands and increases its presence in all segments of the pressed and packed sugar market. Today, the Holding’s portfolio includes the following brands: Russkii Sakhar, Chaikofsky, Mon Cafe, and Brauni. Rusagro strives to bring to market new products in the sugar category. In 2015, it began production of Chaikofsky single serving sugar sticks. Rusagro was the first company on the retail market to launch sugar sticks in three formats (white sugar, cane sugar, and assorted sugar).

As a result, the Russkii Sakhar and Chaikofsky brands have the highest ratings in terms of brand awareness, consumption and customer loyalty.

In 2015, the sugar business division launched a new product category – grains. In May of 2015, Rusagro began packing long-grain unsteamed rice into unbranded clear film. In December of 2015, it brought to market a new brand, Home Traditions, which unites long-grain steamed rice, long-grain unsteamed rice, round-grain rice, and whole grain buckwheat. Currently, Rusagro plans to expand its production in the grains category.


General Director of Sugar Business:

Nikolay Zhirnov

tel.: +7 (495) 363 16 61

e-mail: rusagrogroup@rusagrogroup.ru


National Distribution Manager:

Konstantin Murashov

tel.: +7 495 363 1661

e-mail: b2csugar@rusagrogroup.ru


National Key Client Manager:

Alexandr Fikshmul

tel.: +7 495 363 1661

e-mail: afikshmul@rusagrogroup.ru


Head of wholesales:

Ruslan Tarasenko

tel.: +7 495 363 1661

e-mail: b2bsugar@rusagrogroup.ru


Head of Procurement:

Andrey Balachikhin

tel.: +7 495 363 1661

e-mail: ABalachikhin@rusagrogroup.ru


HR Director:

Olga Fedorova

tel.: +7 495 363 1661

e-mail: ofedorova@rusagrogroup.ru


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