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Annual Report 2017


Tambovsky Bacon

The Belgorod Branch of the LLC “Tambovskiy Bekon” started its functioning in 2005. At present, the Branch is constituent of:

  • mixed-feed plant, of 40 tons/hour capacity;
  • 6 nos. commercial livestock complexes, each of 4800 sows;
  • 1 no. pig-breeding complex of 2400 sows (with the use of the PIC Company genetics as the breeding material);
  • boar-house;
  • the quarantine area.

Realization of the Company Project in the Tambov Region started in 2010. The commissioning of the first production facilities was performed at the end of 2012:

  • Mixed-Feed Production Complex, including the mixed-feed plant of 50 tons/hour capacity, the elevator of 120 thousand tons’ capacity, the area of subsidiary and auxiliary facilities;
  • 7 nos. commercial livestock complexes, each of 4800 sows;
  • 2 nos. pig-breeding farms (with the use of the Danish genetics DanAvl as the breeding material);
  • 2 nos. boar-houses;
  • the quarantine area;
  • Slaughtering and Meat-Processing factory (including the Rendering plant), of 1.95 mln. pigs/year capacity.


The Mixed-Feed Production facilities in the town of Shebekino, Belgorod Region and in the town of Zherdevka, Tambov Region, are modern-type enterprises, with all the processes being maintained by means of computer programs.

Two production lines are in function at the plants, forming the formulas of granulated feed mix for animals of every technological cycle, from piglets of 10 days up to fat stock, and also for sows and boars.

Totally, there are in production:

  • 16 formula names at the plant in Shebekino;
  • 13 formula names at the plant in Zherdevka.

Production & Technical laboratories of the plants are equipped with the most advanced facilities, which make it possible to perform the chemical, technical and bacteriological tests with high degree of accuracy. In course of the Raw Material Take-In Control test there are determined the following physical and technical parameters: moisture, colour, odour. Then there are performed the chemical tests on the content of protein, fat, cellular tissue, calcium, phosphorus, ash and chlorine. For determination of the vitamins’ and amino-acid composition there is a high-liquid chromatograph in use. The level of micro-elements’ content in the raw material and mixed feed is analyzed as well.

Livestock production complexes  of the LLC “Tambovskiy Bekon” function in accordance with the world standards and with utilization of the latest scientific developments and technical innovations in the growing and feeding of pigs. Livestock sites of the RusAGRO Group of Companies are modern-type ecologically-safe livestock production complexes with high level of semi-automation.

Activities of the RusAGRO PLC in the Belgorod and Tambov Regions are carried-out with following the principles of careful protection of the environment. All the necessary measures are applied in accordance to the Standard Norms and Regulations. Regular ecological and analytical measurements are performed at all the existing sites within the Industrial Ecological Control procedure.

At the livestock complexes special attention is paid to observance of Bio-Safety requirements. All the production sites operate in the closed-type mode. There are disinfecting barriers for trucks and cars and hygienic sluices for the staff. Prior to entering the territory of the livestock complexes, the staff take the shower and put on special working clothes on the mandatory basis. The traffic of vehicles is also arranged with observance of Bio-Safety requirements. Depending on the route, a vehicle can be washed (in the washing chamber equipped with drying facilities) several times a day.

The system of manure removing and wastes rendering is permanently in operation. The rendering of the manure drains of the complex is performed by means of their accumulation for the quarantine purposes in the accumulating ponds. The resulting organic fertilizers are delivered to the agricultural lands by means of delivery hoses’ systems and are injected into the soil with immediate covering, thus being uniformly distributed along the field.

Application of the manure as a fertilizer in the Company lands makes it possible to enjoy the synergistic effect from two factors: a) due to the increase of the yield of the cultivated crops with preservation of soil fertility and, b) because of the reduction of expenditures for the purchase of fertilizers.

Pigs’ Slaughtering and Meat Processing Factory is located next to the village of Borshchyovka in the Tambov Region, having been commissioned in 2015. The factory consists of four production areas: the Slaughter Line, the Deboning and Packing area, the Chilled Semi-Products (Case-Ready/Retail) Department and the Rendering plant. It is inclusive of all the stages of meat processing and yielding of finished products.

The design capacity of the Slaughter and Deboning Factory is 1.95 mln. pigs/year (for the slaughtering – 450 pigs/hour, for the deboning – 350 pigs/hour). There are envisaged potentials for increasing the design capacity for the slaughtering – up to 600 pigs/hour.

The modern method of pigs’ slaughtering assumes absence of stress for the animals. The integral parts of the production process are the highest possible hygienic level, safety and usability of the process as well as high speed of operational performance and effectivity.

The Rendering plant is designed for rendering the non-edible wastes from the Slaughter and Deboning Factory and livestock sites of the LLC “Tambovskiy Bekon”. The technology of processing the technical wastes is based on the use of complex-type processing lines of highly-effective, progressive and sophisticated equipment of low power consumption.

The plant territory is separated from the production building premises, thus there are two veterinary/sanitary zones in existence, securely isolated from each other by sanitary facilities (hygienic sluices) and disinfection post.

Initial raw material (line-wise):

  1. Meat and bones’ line – 75 400 kg/day.
  2. Dead stock, bristle hair and bones’ rendering line – 18 400 kg/day.
  3. Blood processing line - 26 400 kg/day.

 Yield of finished products:

  1. Production of meat-&-bone meal - 27 tons/day.
  2. Production of fat - 15 tons/day.
  3. Production of blood meal - 14 tons/day.


LLC “Tambovskiy Bekon”

Legal address: 393670 Tambov region, Zherdevka, ul. Zavodskaya 28A
De facto address: 392036 Tambov ul. Bazarnaya, 104
tel./fax: +7 4752 55-00-55
e-mail: info@MBNrs.ru

Belgorod Branch of LLC "Tambovskiy Bekon"

Actual address: 308000 Belgorod, pr-t. Slavi, 28
tel./fax: +7 4722 73-33-33 / +7 4722 33-70-45 
e-mail: RBB@MBNrs.ru

Far East Project

In 2016 Rusagro started construction works of pig production complex located on the territory of advanced development TOR Mikhailovsky, Primorskiy Krai. The complex is managed by OOO “Rusagro-Primorye” and includes the full production cycle:

  • 6 commercial pig barns with 3 000 sows each;
  • Pig-breeding farm with capacity of 3 100 sowss;
  • Semen production facility;
  • Compound fodder production plant wich prdocution capacity of 300 k t a year and grain elevator with storage capacity of  60 k t;
  • Slaughter house and pork deboning & processing plant with capacity of 0,6 mn heads/year;
  • By-products processing and utilization facility.

Total annual hog production is 64 k t/year in livestock weight with the Far East as key distribution market.

Rusagro envisages launching overall 3 stages of pig production complex to augment capacity up to 340 k t in livestock weight in order to satisfy demand of Asian markets, particularly China, Japan and South Korea, located in close proximity to the Far East hog production site.

In 2016 Rusagro increased its land bank in the Far East up to 86 k ha to allow self-sufficiency in grain and soy ingredients for compound feed production. To accommodate the needs of the future expansion Rusagro continues to expand its land bank.

Project launch deadline – 2019, full capacity to be reached in 2021.


Mail Address: 692651, Russia, Primorskiy Krai, selo Mikhailovka, ul. Krasnoarmeiskaya 16
tel.: +7 4232 38 99 48
e-mail: info@MBNrs.ru

Office Address: 692519, Russia, Primorskiy Krai, Ussuriisk, ul. Timiryazeva 8, office 301
tel.: +7 4232 38 99 48
e-mail: info@MBNrs.ru

Investment questions:
Svetlana Kuznetsova
+7 495 363 1661
e-mail: ir@rusagrogroup.ru